This town

Sometimes I ask myself: why I still live in this town? He is terrible. I eagerly waiting a day, when I can go from this garbage. But this day will through five months. It’s bad. I hope that my travel in december 21 make me more patient.

Russian history

I studied Russian history all day. I think that our history constantly repeats. For example our wars against Germany. Every time before big war of Russia vs. Germany they together attack Poland. Every time from Seven-years-war to World War II. And I know about other laws of history.

Now you think: why I wrote this letter in English? And what I answer you? I don’t know. I’ll write here on much other languages. On Russian too. Well…

Several hours ago I thought that we (I and my friends) can go to camp this winter. It’s cool. When I been there one week ago I decided that go back there as fast as I can. And my dream fulfilled… Probably.